Kudos for a very interesting website on an interesting subject. "A House for Mr. Biswas" is my favorite book and during research on Indo-Caribbean literature, I first learned that the "Monkey House", im all its grandeur, was a real place. I am a 2nd generation Indian-American with a deep affinity for my people in the Caribbean. My grandfather lived in Trinidad and Guyana for some time and since I was a young child I used to listen with fascination of the stories he used to tell.

Harshavardhan, U.S.A.

I would like to express my total support and admiration of The Lion now gives me another reason to re-visit Chaguanas.

Gerard B. Sinanan. Calgary, Canada

Ever since I have read V.S Naipaul's book A House for Mr. Biswas I have always been intrigued by the Lion House .

Neisha Ramdass

It is very heart warming to know that after all these years someone took up the task for returning the Great Lion House to its former glory.

A. Maharaj

I was very pleased to see the article in the newspaper yesterday with the web address. It gives hope to someone like me who always wanted to know more about the lion house.

Sarah Hosein

The site is lovely and the restoration was certainly worth doing.

Kim Gillezeau

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